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Duration of Service Required (Services are offered to GAA visitors for up to one year as from the start date.)  
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Remark: "Home Institute" is the institute whose membership is used by the applicant in support of his application whereas the "Destination Institute" is the institute which issues the GAA Passport to the applicant.
Personal Data: Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) Passport is a scheme offered by all the GAA bodies for their members who work outside their home jurisdictions. For example, if a member of the ICAEW comes to work in HK, by virtue of his ICAEW membership he can apply for a GAA Passport to enjoy the member services that we offer to our members. Likewise, if our members go to work in any other GAA jurisdictions, they can also apply for the GAA Passport issued by the "hosting" country for similar services. It is a reciprocal arrangement among the members of the GAA.

All information provided in this form will only be used by the Institute or the applicant's Home Institute for the purpose of processing the GAA Passport application. For membership verification purpose, the information will be sent to the Home Institute whose membership is used in support of his application.

Although you are not obliged to provide the information sought by this form, failing to do so may result in an inability to process your application. Collected information will only be used for your application for the GAA Passport. By completing the form you agree that the staff of the Institute or the applicant's Home Institute may use the personal data provided on this form for the purposes specified above.

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 I hereby agree to release the personal data contained in this form to my home institute for the purpose of verification of my membership status in support of my application to GAA Passport program.